The games developers are rarely under the same hat as the games publishers when it comes to online gambling. What you usually get is games publishers renting or buying a software and ordering specific improvements and customizations on them. While this is a big topic on its own, in this article we’ll focus on the actual brain behind the whole operation.

You’ve probably seen the countless lottery, bingo, casino and instant win games which are available in download or flash mode, in different sites on the net. These sites offer to anyone that opens an account an option to play these games for money of for free. This is all well and nice, but did you ever stop to wonder what the names behind these games are? Now don’t get confused with the games sites here.

gambling games developers

The leading instant games developers

There are some big players in this industry such as: 888, Net Entertainment, NeoGames, Playtech and Microgaming. You can usually see if they are the games developers through information provided in the site you play your like playing at. For example you can visit our rated websites, which is my personal favourite sites to play real money games. You can see in several places in the site a mentioning of NeoGames, which provides the gambling platform. It’s a great symbiotic relationship – Each gets their fair cut and the users can be certain that the games are provided by an entity which specializes in making games and not making money.

Importance of instant games developers

What’s the advantage of specific gaming developers? After all you might say, the games themselves all work in the same way. That’s actually not completely true. There are features that can make a big difference. Take for instant the Instant winning games. They are designed on the same base as any other casino game, but their main focus in their fast operation and their simplicity. The developers are answering a need which is – playing and winning fast. In this amazingly fast era, it’s not surprising that such a need rises in the gaming industry.

Made by Latest Technology – User-Friendly Innovation and creativity

Instant win games are mostly in Flash format, which makes them faster and easier to use by the players. They are not required to download anything anymore. Now they just register to an account, choose to play for free or for money and start playing. This is probably the main different that instant games has compared to the classical old fashion casino games. If you want to see the difference on an actual game go to the site I’ve mentioned above and go to a site like 888 casino. In the first you’ll find the instant games type and in the second you’ll find the classical downloadable casino games in Java format.

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